Mobile Solutions
Mobile Enterprise SuiteMobile Enterprise Suite
GE’s Mobile Enterprise Suite offers the latest advancements in mobile technology and application for uniform data access and field automation across the enterprise. This suite of solutions extends critical back office functions to the field, enabling office and field personnel to visualize and share network data and work tasks in real-time, agnostic of the mobile device or operating system in use.

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MapFrame FieldSmartMapFrame FieldSmart
GE's FieldSmart products are designed for the field and provide enhanced productivity for utilities large and small. Our solution combines mobile mapping applications and field automation processes to increase field crew efficiency and significantly reduces the time to locate, inspect and service field assets.

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Field Force AutomationField Force Automation
GE's Field Force Automation (FFA) solution is a web-based Work Force Management platform that aligns your service business and your objectives, ensuring that the right field worker with the right skills and parts gets to the right place at the right time. FFA allows companies to optimize the full life cycle of field service operations. 

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