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GE has been a global leader for disconnectors (disconnect switches) since the 1960s, with 8 production facilities and 500.000+ installed poles in more than 130 countries around the world. The extensive portfolio includes disconnectors for AC applications up to 1,200 kV, for DC applications up to 1,000 kV and for railway applications.

AC Disconnectors
Flexible and reliable layout configurations up to 1,200 kV supporting international standards such as IEEE, IEC and GB (China).
DC DisconnectorsGE offers disconnectors, earthing switches and valve hall earthing switches for HVDC projects up to 1,000 kV.
Disconnectors for RailwaysGE offers disonnectors and load switches for railway applications that are designed to meet the specifications of major railway companies worldwide.
Power ConnectorsPower connectors join two or more conductors for the purpose of providing a continuous electrical path. GE offers tap, terminal, splice and non current carrying connectors.