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735/737 Feeder Relay
The 735/737 is a microprocessor based relay used to perform primary circuit protection on distribution networks at any voltage level. Protection features include three phase timed overcurrent, phase instantaneous overcurrent, ground timed overcurrent, and ground instantaneous overcurrent. Each protection element can be selectively enabled by the front panel dial settings. Flexible settings and selec-table curve shapes enable accurate coordination with other devices. Installation and maintenance costs are lower when the 735/737 is used instead of the 8 separate overcurrent protection devices it has been designed to replace.
735/737 Feeder Relay
Protection and Control
  • 3 phase time overcurrent
  • Ground time overcurrent
  • 5 curve shapes
  • 4 curve shift multipliers per curve
  • 10 time multipliers per curve
  • ANSI, IAC, or IEC/BS142 curves
  • Phase instantaneous overcurrent
  • Ground instantaneous overcurrent
  • Pickup level for each overcurrent
  • Outputs: trip, aux trip, service
  • Aux trip: 86 lockout, ground trip
  • SR737 has 8 additional output relays
  • Monitoring and Metering
  • Trip record of last 5 trips
  • Pre-trip data includes currents
  • True RMS sensing
  • User Interface
  • 8 LED trip indicators
  • 4 LED status indicators
  • Current bar graph, % of CT
  • RS485 or RS422 communications
  • ModBus™ RTU protocol
  • Baud rate up to 19,200 bps