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What Can EnerVista Aggregator Do For You?

Monitor Energy Consumption from different parts of a facility

Allocate costs to various departments based on the energy they used

Perform statistical analysis to avoid peak demand surcharges

Save energy costs through analysis of energy consumption

Energy Aggregator streamlines your billing process by automatically collecting data on the energy used from Power Meters at multiple locations in a facility. Once this data is accumulated, Energy Aggregator will apply the programmed rate structure and then generate billing that can be forwarded on to each individual location.

Meters generate data
on energy consumed

Aggregator collects &
stores data from meters

Aggregator applies rate
structures & generates bills
Monitor your power consumption      

Optimize plant performance while minimizing energy cost

Identify and troubleshoot potential electrical distribution problems

Perform feeder monitoring and outage detection

Load profile products and services

Generate energy bills

Analyze the impact of different utility rate structures

Analyze energy costs as a percent of total production costs

Aggregate and compare energy bills across multiple locations

Reduce costly peak demand charges through analysis and automated controls


Aggregate your energy usage for single or multi-site units and see your entire operation's energy usage at a glance


Allocate your facility's energy costs for single/multi-site energy usage - tenants, departments, and/or cost centers


A built-in reporting tool is included for configuring bills based on various utility rate structures

Industry-standard SQL database allows easy data export to other reporting tools.

Energy Profiler™ is offered as an add-on reporting tool for data export capability when complex rate structures exist


Make informed decisions by simulating your utility bills using different rate structures and by shifting your energy usage from on-peak to off-peak hours


With a click of a mouse, users can shift rate schedules, switch suppliers, move usage into off-peak periods, or assess payback from peak shaving.


A powerful graphic tool provides for creating robust charts of various electrical parameters logged by your meters


Energy Aggregator is compatible with industry-standard third-party SCADA platforms. It logs metering data from a variety of devices to an industry-standard database

View and analyze the actual energy usage over user defined time periods for individual customers and cost centers.

Load Analysis tool gives you the capability to:

Perform load profiles for production lines

Identify potential electrical distribution problems

Optimize plant performance and minimize costs

Analyze the energy used over a specific time period

Create detailed energy bills for different cost center to help allocate departmental energy costs.

Improve Efficiency

Bill each department for the energy they use

Drive energy savings by identifying departmental consumption

Create customized bills showing cost of energy used by different departments or tenants

Energy Aggregator can handle customer billing and cost allocation using multiple utility rate structures.

Analyze energy costs using:

Both simple and complex rate structures

Costs absorbed during off-peak, on-peak and mid-peak time periods

User Customized billing times and scenarios

Customize energy billing for different time periods and rate structures