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  Fundamentals of Modern Protective Relaying

Day 1:
 Power Systems Overview
 Components of a Power System
 Voltage System
 Sources of Energy
 Generator Systems
 Transmission & Subtransmission
 Fundamentals of Electricity
 Inductance and Capacitance
 Kirchoff’s Circuit Laws
 Properties of Alternating Current
 Amplitude and Frequency
 AC Sine Waves
 Protective Relays
 Scalar’s Vectors and Phasors
Power System Protection
 Why Power Systems Need Protection
 Power System Faults
 Symmetrical Systems
 Non-Symmetrical Systems
 Fault Analysis
 Components of a Protection System
 Protective Relays
 Differential Element
Day 2:
Generator Protection
  Generator Protection elements
  - Stator Differential
  - Neutral Displacement
  - 3rd harmonic
  - Loss of excitation
  - Accidental Energization
  - Low Forward Power
  - Reverse Power
 Instructor-led Demonstration
Transmission Line Protection
 Line Theory
 Distance Protection
 Distance Relays Zones of Protection
 Non-Pilot Aided Stepped Distance Schemes
 Non-Pilot Aided Schemes
 Power Swing Blocking
 Line Current Differential Relaying
 Instructor-led Demonstration
Day 3:
Feeder Protection
 Protection elements
 Relay coordination
 Phase TOC (51)
 Phase IOC (50)
 Ground Relaying
 Fault simulation
 Event Log
 Instructor-led Demonstration
Busbar Protection
 Bus Protection Elements
 Bus Protection Requirements
 Bus Protection Schemes
  - High Impedance
  - Linear Couplers
  - Interlocking
  - Unrestrained Differential
  - Percent Differential
  - Low Impedance Microprocessor-based
 Instructor-led Demonstration
Day 4:
Transformer Protection
 Transformer Theory
 Transformer Protection Elements
  - Current Transformer Percent
  - Differential
  - 2nd harmonic Inhibit
  - 5th harmonic Inhibit
  - Volts/Hz
  - Sudden Pressure Change Detection
 Instructor-led Demonstration
Motor Protection
  Induction Motor Theory
 Motor Thermal Modeling
 Short Circuit
 Ground Fault
 Stator Differential
 Single phase protection
 Under and Overvoltage
 Locked Rotor Protection
 Acceleration Timer
 Starts per Hour
 Time Between Starts
 Bearing Protection
 Instructor-led Demonstration