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  Motor Protection Principles and Relaying


What will I learn from this course?
This Motor Protection Principles and Relaying program combines conceptual and hands-on learning as students gain knowledge of the hardware, installation and software aspects regarding our four most commonly used relays in today's industry. Beginning with an instructor led component of motor theory and principles, this standard five day program dedicates one session per product by offering a half day of conceptual learning followed by lab exercises. See the agenda for full details on this course.

Learning objectives

By the end of this program, students will be able to:

  • Discuss common concepts and principles of motor protection
  • Identify key features, benefits and typical applications of the Multilin™ 469, 369, 339 and M60 motor protection relays
  • Explain the processes regarding mechanical and electrical installation
  • Configure, monitor and troubleshoot the motor protection relays using the EnerVista™ setup software


  • There are currently no prerequisites for this course.
  • This class includes fully equipped hands-on Lab exercises with Relays and Laptop PC's provided for each pair of students.

    5 days